Industry: Agriculture and Horticulture

Founded: 2013

Osmo Systems, Inc. makes low-cost online monitors for hydroponic and fish farms. Our flagship product, OsmoBot Hydro, comes with a Wi-Fi enabled monitor and the following sensors: pH, EC/TDS, water temp, water level, air temp, relative humidity, lux, and PAR.

Users can access their data from one or multiple OsmoBots on a browser-based dashboard. There, they can do things like: perform a quick system check to make sure everything is ok, see how their pH has changed over the past week, and setup text/email alerts for when something should go wrong.  

Osmo Systems is also offering its patent-pending dissolved oxygen and ammonia sensor. Traditionally, two of the most important sensors for raising fish, DO and ammonia, are also two of the most expensive. We’re fixing that. Our patent-pending DO and ammonia sensor uses optical sensors, rather than electrical probes, to capture color and light data from photochemical sensors. Doing this has allowed us to significantly lower the cost of building these sensors, and we want to pass on those savings.