$35,000 and Counting for Low-Cost Aquaponic Monitor on Kickstarter

OsmoBot, a low-cost monitor for aquaponics and hydroponics, raised over $35,000 on Kickstarter in its first week.

‚ÄčOsmo Systems makes low-cost online monitors for hydroponics and aquaponics. Located in Berkeley, California, the company is run by it's three co-founders Zach Stein, Paul Holowko, and James Regulinski. 

The trio founded Osmo Systems and built their flagship monitor, OsmoBot, to allow hydroponic, aquaponic, and aquaculture farmers to monitor and control their systems online at a price that any of them could afford. Their motto is: "Everything you need to monitor your hydroponic or aquaponic system. In one box. At the right price."

Everything you need to monitor your hydroponic or aquaponic system. In one box. At the right price.

Zach Stein, CEO and cofounder

Starting at $450 on Kickstarter, OsmoBot connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi or ethernet and comes with all of the sensors one needs to monitor water, air, and light quality: pH, EC/TDS, water temperature, water level, air temperature, relative humidity, lux, and PAR. Aquaponic farmers can upgrade their OsmoBot with Osmo Systems' patent-pending low-cost dissolved oxygen and ammonia sensor. These packages began at $550 on Kickstarter. 

Every 15 minutes OsmoBot loads these readings to the cloud. From a browser-based dashboard, users can get a quick overview of their system (from just one or multiple OsmoBots), dive deep into historical data for a specific parameter, and setup text/email alerts for when something goes wrong. 

Future users will be able to upgrade their OsmoBots by adding automation features to control their systems. This will allow OsmoBot to automatically turn on and off pumps, and fans, etc to keep a system within a healthy range. 

In the first week of their campaign, Osmo Systems has received over $35,000 from backers on Kickstarter for OsmoBot Hydro and the dissolved oxygen and ammonia (aka "Aqua") upgrade. The founding team is looking to build upon this initial success in the coming weeks. 

To learn more about Osmo Systems and OsmoBot, go to their Kickstarter Campaign.

Source: Osmo Systems Inc.


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